Thursday, September 10, 2015

Butterfly Effect

On September 2nd Cameron Shaw posted an Editor's Letter on the Pelican Bomb website. It is titled Making Room and addresses the mural by Kelsey Montague, which I wrote about in a recent post. In this letter she contextualizes the mural within a series on "power and public space in the digital age." 

I like things in a series because in the space between one thing and another a real dialogue can occur. Even if B doesn't interest you, C might. And between B and C are similarities and differences to explore. 

This letter was interesting to read because even though it was not addressed to me, it addressed my questions about Pelican Bomb and articulated motivations I may not relate to but nonetheless respect. Any form of one-way internet opinion-voicing risks seeming like trash-talking, so I was glad to read what seemed to me like a thoughtful response. Then we have a dialogue. Which is good!

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